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    Rules of the Forum Empty Rules of the Forum

    Message par garyperper le Ven 21 Sep - 13:30

    Hello I am Garyperper and this is the rules of the forums
    Writing & Spelling
    On the forum, a correct and legible writing is in order! The abbreviated language "SMS" is perfect for your mobile phone, but not for discussion on the forums.

    Writing correctly, paying minimum attention to spelling, punctuation, and typos are the basic rules of respect for others. If you do not make the effort to write well, members will not make the effort to read you or respond to you.

    The political, religious, defamatory, threatening, racist, xenophobic, pedophile, obscene, pornographic, or any other remarks likely to violate the French laws in force are formally prohibited. In this context, it is also prohibited to publish links to sites with such content.

    User Accounts
    It is strictly forbidden to create more than one user account.
    A user account is strictly personal and should not be used by more than one person.
    Any user account that may be deemed offensive, rude, or simply inappropriate for different reasons may be modified or deleted with or without notice, depending on the severity. In the majority of cases it is obvious that we will seek above all to contact the member in question to discuss and find common ground.
    Each member can customize his signature in the settings of his account. For the sake of readability and management forums, the size of the signatures must not exceed 500 pixels wide, 120 pixels high, and 50 KB by weight of images.
    The same goes for avatars. An avatar must not exceed 20 KB because beyond this limit, the pages of the forum can be much longer to load and it impedes the navigation of all other users.
    In the event that a request for message deletion is made, it would be weighed against the existence of any responses that may require the maintenance of the message. In this case, the GaryHQ team would have to propose an alternative solution such as thorough anonymization or the change of the user's name.
    In the case of the request to delete a user account, this request will be taken into account on justification. The user's messages will remain on the forums as part of the site's database. These messages will remain attached to the name of the deleted user account, to respect the moral rights attached to each message, unless express request for anonymization on justification.
    In the latter case, the anonymized username used instead for the message association would be indicated to the data subject, and the deleted name would be removed by automated methods as appropriate.

    You are kindly asked to remain courteous, and to participate in the good atmosphere of the forum. Insults, threats, remarks that damage the reputation of others may be deleted without notice.

    Copyright & Copyrights
    Messages that encourage or allow third parties to obtain directly or indirectly pirated software or media (video editing software, movies, etc.) are strictly prohibited. We also ask you to respect the work of our colleagues by publishing on GaryHQ only copyright-free content or copyright. If you have obtained a written authorization (mail or mail) from the author to publish an article or any protected media on GaryHQ, we ask you to send us a copy.

    Protection of private life
    You should never leave a private phone number (either yours or not) on the forum, including, and I would say even more importantly, in the classifieds section. The pages of the forum are regularly browsed and indexed by the search engines, it is in your personal interest that we will remove any phone number in messages (excluding professionals).

    Advertising & Commercial Messages
    The GaryHQ forums is not an advertising space. If you want to advertise a website, or make a professional announcement, you must first request an authorization from an administrator. Similarly, any commercial message is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the site administrator.

    SPAM & Flood of the forum
    It is expressly forbidden to post messages more or less identical and repeatedly in one or more sections, whether these messages are advertising or not. This practice commonly known as "Flood" may, depending on the scale, be severely and immediately sanctioned (suspension of the account, filing of complaint with the provider of access of the author of these messages).

    Responsibilities of the leaders
    Messages posted on GaryHQ expressing the views and opinions of their aut

    The main purpose of moderators is not to police members.

    They are volunteers who energize and enrich the site, but also help members in case of problems. Feel free to use their services if you have any concerns, questions, hesitations, or if you want to make changes to your topics (or messages) and you do not have the necessary rights.

    They also have the role of reminding the rules of the forum members not respecting them, and organize the best topics.

    You owe it to yourself to respect these people who give their time to the community, and to make it easy for them to avoid layout errors, topics created in the wrong section, puerile comments, and other blunders described in these rules.

    There are two groups of moderators:
    Section Moderators: They manage one or more sections of their own. The sections were assigned to them based on their areas of expertise and preferences.
    General moderators: they take care of the general organization of the forum, they help administrators and other moderators. They can moderate in all sections.hors, the host, the webmasters and administrators of the GaryHQ can not be held responsible for their content, nor guarantee its accuracy.


    You are asked to respect the other members of the forum, regardless of their status.

    In case of bad agreement with one or more members, we remind you that it is strictly prohibited to disrespect or "fight" on the forum. In case of misunderstanding, you should always try to arrange this amicably by means of private messages. In case of dispute, moderators can intervene and help you solve problems, do not hesitate to talk to them about it.

    If you feel that one or more posts published by another member appear to be contrary to the rules of this Charter, we invite you to refer as soon as possible to a moderator of the forum who will be able to judge the relevance of the thing and act accordingly. Under no circumstances should you intervene on your own (except of course if it is advice or a remark formulated with politeness and respect for others).

    The sections

    There are several sections and sub-sections on the GaryHQ forums, in order to better organize the different topics of discussion. Each section has a global theme you should always check when creating a new topic that you post in the right forum.

    Similarly, you are invited to read the "section rules" listed at the top of some forums that require specific layout rules.

    The classifieds section is for individuals only and can not be used by professionals. Regarding trade between individuals, GaryHQ denies any liability in case of dispute between the two parties. We may be able to intervene on request to help settle a dispute and find common ground.

    Topics of discussion

    The topics are there to allow you to debate around the world of Videogames and more. You have the right to express your point of view as to accept that of others. We are here to share our ideas, not to force others to think as oneself.

    You are free to create topics of discussion, still think to verify that there is not already an identical subject in which you will be able to intervene and put back to the taste of the day.

    The repeated "detachments of subjects" (intervention in an absolutely topical subject) and "up" messages (very short messages whose sole purpose is to trace a subject) are prohibited, except in special cases. Optionally, only one "up" per subject can be tolerated (in the case of a classified ad that has not received new messages since at least 1 week for example). On the other hand any abuse may be moderate.

    The topics of discussion have a theme established from the outset by its author, you must strive to stay in the topic of a topic when you post answers. "Off topics" can be tolerated in some cases, but you should not abuse it.

    The topics are public discussions, so it is not advisable to send personal messages to other members participating in a topic. The private message system installed on GaryHQ is provided for this purpose.

    Any member may rectify, complete, update, or delete information concerning him or her when errors or inaccuracies have been detected. In the case where a request for deletion of one or more messages would be formulated, this one would be weighed against the existence of possible answers which could require the maintenance of the message or messages. In such a case, the administrator will have to propose an alternative solution such as the anonymization of all the messages or the change of the name of the user.

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